A Complete Solution

GamePlan Congressional Management System is the only complete, end-to-end office management solution for Congressional offices. Offering features that span constituent work, legislative work, and much more.

GamePlan was designed with productivity in mind.


Built with Congress in mind

GamePlan is the only complete Congressional Management System with your offices’ goals in mind. Each feature of our system was designed by former Congressional Staffers to help your staff complete their assigned legislative activity, constituent activity, and anything else your office needs.

Individual Dashboards

The first thing you see upon opening GamePlan is your Dashboard. Any assigned tasks or active items appear in front of you with the subject, status and any other pertinent information available at a click. Each member of the staff can see their focus, their objectives, and the goal for any of the activities that your office performs. With GamePlan, it is easy for your staff to stay organized and focused on results.

Email and SMS Notifications

Streamlining the approval processes through automation, GamePlan lets you know when your attention to an issue is needed. Everytime someone requires approval for a letter, legislative position, etc- GamePlan sends you a reminder with a link to the required action item. Focusing on keeping everyone informed and active in your offices activities is our biggest goal in keeping your office productive.

Customizable Reports

Want to visualize how things in your office are going? GamePlan’s sophisticated and customizable reporting allows you to take stock of your offices’ activities in real-time, giving you the power to make decisions on how to allocate your resources and attention. The reports are there to help you get a global view of your offices progress, correspondence, and floor activity.


We Keep Everything Organized…

Our unifying system keeps all of your work and data correlated, searchable, archivable and most importantly-



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