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Resetting Apple Mobile Devices

We’ve all been there, taking a long trip to the district, listening to music on our iPod, when suddenly, it freezes. The initial moments of panic arise, “am I going to have to make the rest of the trip in silence?” No, you’re not, because it’s actually stunningly easy to reset all of Apple’s mobile devices, and we’re going to list them out here.

If your device has the iconic Apple scroll wheel, all you need to do is hold down the Menu and Center button for about 5 seconds, which will force the device to manually reboot, thus resolving the issue.

Click Wheel

However now we have some of Apple’s newer devices, which don’t actually have but a few buttons on it and rely on a touch-screen interface. This isn’t a problem; it’s still a very simple process to get these devices to restart. The new interface of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch all use the same process to restart. Simply hold down the Screen lock button located at the top of the device, and the physical home button located in the bottom center of the screen. Now count to 5 and the device will restart, and reload, thus solving any freezing issue that was present.

Power Button
Home Button

The new iPod Nano is a wonderful device, especially since it’s become so tiny. To reset the new Nano, all you need to do is locate the lock button on the top right of the unit. Now, like all the others, press and hold the button for 5 seconds, and voila, your device has restarted and the freezing issue is resolved.


Blackberry Activations Made Easy

You’ve just received a new Blackberry and need your work email, calendar, contacts, and memo pad set up on the device.  Blackberry configuration can be done from anywhere and completely wireless.  By following these easy steps you can be up and running with your Blackberry very quickly and with little effort.

Step 1: Call or email your HouseCall Systems Administrator and let them know you need an Enterprise Activation Password.  Generating an activation password only takes a few minutes so you should have one very quickly.  Also, we can prepare one for you ahead of time if you give us advanced notice of when the Blackberry will be arriving.

Step 2: Select the Setup icon under the All Tray.

Blackberry Setup Icon

Step 3: Select Email Accounts (If the End User screen appears select I Accept and continue with the setup)

Step 4: Select Enterprise Accounts

Enterprise Account Setup

Step 5: You will then be brought to this screen. Enter your full email address (Ex. and password given to you by your HouseCall SA. Click Activate

Email and Password

Step 6: Once Activate is selected the activation process will begin and the device will notify you that your email account is activated on the Blackberry.

Blackberry Activating

Step 7: Once email is setup all other services will begin downloading and will take some time to synchronize.

Blackberry Synchronization

From this point you simply have to wait for the Blackberry to finish synchronization. The Blackberry will pull your information and soon populate you Blackberry with contacts, calendar events, and task from your Outlook. If you are a new Blackberry user this process should be relatively quick because you have little to no information to populate. Users with large contact list and calendar’s will experience longer activation times.  As always, if you run into any issues just let your HouseCall SA know and they can help you get all squared away.